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COTECH - Converging technologies for micro systems manufacturing


The objective of the COTECH project is to investigate new approaches of micro manufacturing based on advanced technology convergence processes in order to propose hybrid solutions for cost effective manufacturing of high added value emerging applications within optics, power supply and micro-biomedical. The new processes will be destined to mass production solutions of non-silicon microsystems and nano-structured components. The aim is to reduce manufacturing costs up to 50%. Thus, the COTECH project final outcome will enable the production of high quality microstructures through more efficient and cheaper process techniques IMTEK is the leader of Subproject 3: Micro/Nano Replication # Hybrid processes based on micro-injection or embossing utilising modules of e.g inkjet printing, laser structuring, wet coating, and compression injection moulding, with the goal to provide functionality to µ-devices, such as active coatings and combination of micro and nano features in a single step # Ultimately the hybrid processes based on µ-injection with embossing will be validated. This will offer: a very high throughput multimaterial µ-injection that will enable the fabrication of 3D high aspect ratio µ-parts, and embossing step that will complement it by adding ultra precise 2D features (< 100nm)


01.10.2008 bis 30.09.2012


Schoth A


Schoth A


FOTEC, TEKNIKER, DTU, IMTEK, Univ. of Bradford, KIT, MEC Cardiff, TNO, Battenfeld, SARIX, CEA-LITEN, ALICONA, HEPTAGON, BE INNOVATIVE, CRP-FIAT, ATHERM, SONION GEMA Medical, Euroortodoncia, Greiner Bio-One, MOLFLOW, Microsystems UK PLASTIPOLIS, ALMA consulting Group


European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme “NMP – Nanosciencies, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies”
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