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Hamideh Kermani

Hamideh Kermani started her academic studies in the field of Physics in 2006. She finished her master thesis at the University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. Her thesis was about the fabrication of conductive transparent electrode for OLEDs and solar cells. Since 2013, she has started her Ph.D. program on optical trapping. She has been working as a visiting researcher on the project “Simultaneous Fluorescence and Photothermal Measurements of Single Conjugated Polymers” in Prof. Michel Orrit group at Leiden University.
Since October 2016, she is a guest researcher in the Laboratory for Bio- and Nanophotonics. She works on optical trapping of colloidal metallic nanoparticles and investigation of optical properties of plasmonic dimer- and trimer assemblies of silver or gold nanoparticles.

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