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Philipp Elmlinger

CV / Former activities

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Philipp Elmlinger finished his BSc Microsystems Engineering at IMTEK in 2011 with his thesis "Application of the UCMoST (Unit Cell for the Measurement of Stress and Temperature) chip". From 2010 to 2012 he worked as a student assistant at the Laboratory for Microsystem Materials, IMTEK focusing on analysing mechanical stress introduced into silicon dies by microelectronic packaging processes and characterising Hall-Sensors in relation to mechanical stress.

In winter 2012 he joined Intel Corporation, Chandler, Arizona, USA for a three month internship as Mechanical Analysis Intern, R&D Mechanical Engineering.

Currently he is enrolled in the master's degree Microsystems Engineering with majors in sensors, actuators and biomedical engineering and works as student assistant in the NeuroProbes project.

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