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The Faculty of Engineering offers two very interdisciplinary degree programs in the field of microsystems engineering: Microsystems Engineering (MSE) and Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE). These programs are based on the foundations of chemistry, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, materials science, and computer science.

Smart, micro and green: Our Study Programs and information about you find on the Faculty of Engineering's website.

Smart – stands for robots that act independently, for computers that learn to interpret images or algorithms that become faster and smarter. Simply put, smart stands for computer science.

Micro – is meant literally here. The tiniest technical systems emerge that inconspicuously take on complex tasks in everyday life, medicine and industry. Without even knowing it, you are constantly dealing with microsystems. They make our lives healthier, safer, more comfortable, more versatile and, to say the least, easier.

Green – Freiburg is known worldwide for being the Green City. Since 2015, the Faculty of Engineering has been active from an engineering perspective with its own department for sustainability research. How can renewable energy be generated, fed into the grid and stored? How do we develop materials and systems that are produced and used in an energy- and resource-efficient way and that can adapt optimally to difficult environmental conditions or disasters?

Studying engineering in Freiburg always means that you benefit from all three areas of research, no matter which area you choose. Smart, micro and green technologies are becoming more and more in demand – acquire the necessary competencies to solve the social and technical questions of the future as engineers and computer scientists!

Additional benefits for students at the Faculty of Engineering:

  • With about 1,850 students and 55 professors, we offer an excellent student-teacher ratio for optimal supervisory support
  • A well-balanced combination of theory and practice
  • The majority of our classes are recorded. You can always repeat the material, independent of time and place, for exam preparation, for instance.
  • Earn cash while conducting research  – We are a “well-funded” faculty, which means we apply for a lot of research money for a wide variety of projects every year. Your chance of finding a job as a student aid early on and participating in the latest research.

In Demand in Business and Research

Our graduates are highly sought-after engineers and computer scientists in business and research throughout the world. Whether in the USA, in Asia, in Europe or here in the region - we are proud of our alumni who are active in the most varied fields of medical technology, automotive industry, software companies and more. Want to start your own business? We support our graduates in these endeavors as well and look forward to many successful start-ups over the years.


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