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Si nanowires in core/shell structure


Project description

The project will concentrate on Si nanowires and nanowire heterostructures in a core/shell structure as well as the investigation of selected properties like the oxidation behavior of Si nanowires as a function of the nanowire diameter and the doping of Si nanowires. The aim of the project is a deeper understanding of the physics of vertically grown nanowires as well as to establish the fundamentals for nanowire devices based on Si core/shell structures. For the development of device concepts based on Si NWs a number of basic processes are mandatory which are: the oxidation behavior, the doping possibilities and the combination of different materials for building-up p-n junctions and heterostructures. These fundamentals are not demonstrated and will be a main point of the continued project. A detailed characterization of the properties of the wires will be done. We will concentrate on the further development of the transport measurements and their understanding including the test of a 4 point measurement technique for single nanowires.

Start/End of project

01.04.2006 until 31.03.2008

Project manager

Zacharias M

Contact person

Zacharias M


DFG Priority Program 1165


Nano, Nanotechnology, Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanostructures, Nanowires, Silicon, Growth Mechanism, Properties, Core/Shell Structure, Heterostructures
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