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Junior Research Group 'Bioinspired Materials for Biomedical Engineering' - Dr. Osorio


Current issues

11th October, 2019 - Emmy Noether funding for Anayancy Osorio, 1.9 million euros from the German Research Foundation

Research Mission

Our group aims to develop biomaterials inspired by Nature, which find applications in biomedical engineering.

We study the hierarchical structure and functionalities (mechanical) of biological materials such as those found in Arthropod shells, plants, cartilaginous tissues and bones. To this aim, we apply advanced methods for soft- and mineralized matter characterization.  Inspired by Nature, the group develops advanced nanostructured composite biomaterials of varied morphologies for tissue engineering, by approaching the multi-scale structure and properties of the bioinspiration source. Our final goal is to bridge the gap between biomaterials of controlled microstructure and their application in the engineering of target tissues.

Our scientific interests include bioinspired materials, tissue engineering, cell culture, cell culture monitoring by microsensor technologies, bioengineering, the structure/function relationship in biological materials, biomineralization. Current research topics of the group are summarized:

  • Engineering hydrogel composite materials for regenerative medicine
  • Development of polymer and mineralized materials for biomedical and technological applications
  • Synchrotron X-ray scattering in biomaterials (SAXS and WAXS, in situ analyses)
  • Cell culture lab
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Micro- and nanomechanical testing
  • 3D Bioprinting


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