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M. Sc. Omar A. Sulaiman Gorgies


Curriculum Vitae

Foto GorgisOmar Gorgies got his B.Sc. degree in computer engineering from the University of Technology/Baghdad, Iraq in 1998, his master degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology in 2002.

From 1999 until 2002 he taught at the University of Technology and at the Al Rafidain College in the fields of Microprocessors, Computer interfacing and Computer Networking.

He worked in controlling machines using microcontrollers or industrial computers as well as in low level language programming for processors such as 8085, 8951, 8086.

From August 2003, he was assistance lecturer at the Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies/Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics, supervising the network laboratory.

In July 2006, he joined the Laboratory for Electrical Instrumentation at the Institute of Microsystem Technology (IMTEK), Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg working on his Ph.D. degree.









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