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M. Sc. Di Shi


Curriculum Vitae

Foto ShiDi Shi was born in 1989 in China. Since March 2017 she has been working in the Laboratory for Electrical Instrumentation at the University of Freiburg as a Ph.D. candidate. Her current research focuses on signal processing and antenna design for bioradar system on board of a drone, which is used for searching and rescuing victims of disasters such as earthquakes and gas explosions.

In 2016 she got her master’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of Erlangen in Germany. During her study in Erlangen, she worked for a year as a student assistant at the technical department for measurement technology at the Robert Bosch GmbH in Bamberg. Her main task was to develop the pneumatic measurement technology for quality control. Besides, she also worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Sensor Technology at the University of Erlangen. She implemented the signal processing algorithms and handled coupled field problems with analytic and simulative methods for magnetomotive medical ultrasound applications. Later, she worked further on this topic and wrote her master’s thesis titled: ‘’ Simulation-based Investigations and Parameter Studies for Magnetomotive Ultrasound Applications’’.

In 2011, she completed her undergraduate study at the East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai, China. Her major was automation technology. During her last bachelor’s year, she worked as a trainee for Endress + Hauser in Shanghai. After that she worked there as an engineer for half a year.







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