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Experts for CMOS Circuits

Cutting-Edge Research for Future Technologies

Join our research team as we explore innovative integrated circuits in CMOS technology that are shaping the future in various fields.

From bi-directional electrical neural interfaces and efficient data processing and manipulation to mechanical sensing and microelectronic-photonic interfaces, our work offers exciting opportunities for students and cooperation.

Discover how we are communicating with neurons using groundbreaking neural interface technologies, achieving efficient data analysis with minimal data collection, revolutionizing stress sensing with CMOS-integrated sensors, and advancing healthcare outcomes with precise illumination.

Our core skills are the design and implementation of

  • integrated CMOS circuits for power-efficient applications
  • analog/mixed-signal filters
  • hybrid & autonomous sensor systems
  • biomedical systems & neural implants


Explore our current research activities

Bidirectional Electrical Neural Interfaces 

Efficient Data Processing & Manipulation

Mechanical Sensor Technology

Microelectronic-Photonics Interfaces

 and shape the future with us!

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