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Mitgliedschaften in Konferenz-Programm-Kommittees

Alle Mitgliedschaften in Konferenz-Programm-Kommittees von Prof. Dr. Roland Zengerle

since 2009 Member of the International Steering Committee of the International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators & Microsystems (Transducers)
2008   Organizing Committee member of the “1st International Conference of the Chinese Society of Micro/Nano Technology”; November 20-22, 2008, Beijing, China
2007 Member of the International Advisory Board of the 3rd International Conference on “Smart Materials, Structures and Systems”; Acrireale, Sicily, Italy, June 8 to 13, 2008
since 2007 Member of the Scientific Committee at the “Smart Systems Integration” conference series held in Paris (2007), Barcelona (2008) and Brussels (2009)
since 2006 Member of the Program Committee at Eurosensors Conferences in Göteborg (2006), Dresden (2008) and Lausanne (2009)
2005 Member of the Technical Program Committee of the “10th  International Conference on the Commercialization of Micro and Nano Systems” (COMS); 21.-25 August 2005; Baden-Baden; Germany 
since 2005 Member of the European Technical Program Committee for Transducers conferences taking place in Seoul (2005), Lyon (2007) and Denver (2009)
since 2005 Advisory Board Member of the “International Micromachine/Nanotech Symposium” in Japan
since 2005 Member of the Steering Committee of the “Mikrosystemtechnik-Kongress” taking place in Freiburg (2005), Dresden (2007) and Berlin (2009)
since 2004 Chief Delegate of the German Delegation of the “World Micromachine Summit”
2003 - 2008 Member of the International Steering Committee of the IEEE-MEMS conference
since 2003 Member of the Programme Committee of the bi-annual ACTUATOR conference in Bremen, Germany (2004, 2006, 2008)
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