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Brownian dynamics simulations


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Noise induced transport, stochastic resonances and thermally induced binding.




We use Brownian Dynamics simulations based on the Langevin equation to simulate the diffusive behavior of small particles in complex environments. Examples are diffusing microbeads in the vicinity of larger objects such as cell membranes, the subsequent ligand-receptor-binding process of a coated microparticle upon cell approach or the collective behavior of processive molecular motors under different coupling conditions. These simulations help us to understand our experimental observations and serve as a valuable tool to test, verify or improve our theoretical models. Our simulations can be performed in various software environments, such as IGOR, MatLab, C++.

FKohler motor steps.jpg

BD simulation of three coupled myosin V motors with motor step sizes sm = 36 nm at a coupling stiffness k = 1.6 ·10−5 N/m (gray lines, left axes) pulling on a cargo (right axes) in the absence of an external force on the cargo.




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