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Adaptive Wettability of a Programmable Metasurface
M Specht, M Berwind, C Eberl
Advanced Engineering Materials 23 (2), 2001037

Actuating Shape Memory Polymer for Thermoresponsive Soft Robotic Gripper and Programmable Materials
D Schönfeld, D Chalissery, F Wenz, M Specht, C Eberl, T Pretsch
Molecules 26 (3), 522


Come on, network! Empowering employees to use Web-based interorganizational learning platforms in research and development
R Reichenbach, C Eberl, J Lindenmeier
The Learning Organization

Domänenübergreifende Workflows zur effizienten Entwicklung Programmierbarer Materialien
L Weisheit, F Wenz, T Lichti, M Eckert, S Baumann, C Hübner, C Eberl, H Andrä
ZWF Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb 115 (7-8), 470-475

Tensile Behavior of Air Plasma Spray MCrAlY Coatings: Role of High Temperature Agings and Process Defects
D Texier, C Cadet, T Straub, C Eberl, V Maurel
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 1-12

Mechanical Metamaterials on the Way from Laboratory Scale to Industrial Applications: Challenges for Characterization and Scalability
SCL Fischer, L Hillen, C Eberl
Materials 13 (16), 3605

Towards Digitizing Physical Entities in Materials Science
M Alam, F Dittmann, M Niebel, J Lehmann, D Dessı, JF Morgado, P von Hartrott, C Eberl, P Gumbsch, H Sack

Automated Quantitative Analyses of Fatigue-Induced Surface Damage by Deep Learning
A Thomas, AR Durmaz, T Straub, C Eberl
Materials 13 (15), 3298


Mechanoregulation of Bone Remodeling and Healing as Inspiration for Self-Repair in Materials
R Weinkamer, C Eberl, P Fratzl
Biomimetics 4 (3), 46

GPU-based digital image correlation system for real-time strain-controlled fatigue and strain field measurement
A Blug, DJ Regina, S Eckmann, M Senn, C Eberl, A Bertz, D Carl
Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection XI 11056, 110560V

Measurement of local strain
C Gammer, MI Richard, C Eberl
MRS Bulletin 44 (6), 459-464

Tensile behavior of air plasma spray MCrAlY coatings: Role of high temperature aging and process defect
C Cadet, T Straub, D Texier, C Eberl, V Maurel
ICMCTF 2019-46th international Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films

Real-time GPU-based digital image correlation sensor for marker-free strain-controlled fatigue testing
A Blug, DJ Regina, S Eckmann, M Senn, A Bertz, D Carl, C Eberl
Applied Sciences 9 (10), 2025


A hierarchical programmable mechanical metamaterial unit cell showing metastable shape memory
MF Berwind, A Kamas, C Eberl
Advanced Engineering Materials 20 (11), 1800771

Compressive behavior and failure mechanisms of freestanding and composite 3D graphitic foams
K Nakanishi, AI Aria, MF Berwind, RS Weatherup, C Eberl, S Hofmann, N A Fleck
Acta Materialia 159, 187-196

Microstructural investigations of polycrystalline Ti2AlN prepared by physical vapor deposition of Ti-AlN multilayers
L Gröner, L Kirste, S Oeser, A Fromm, M Wirth, F Meyer, F Burmeister, C Eberl
Surface and Coatings Technology 343, 166-171

Fatigue Strength Scaling at the Nanoscale-Nanocrystalline and Nanotwinned Metals.
N Heckman, CM Barr, TA Furnish, KM Hattar, SM Foiles, FF Abdeljawad, C Eberl, A M Hodge, B L Boyce
Sandia National Lab.(SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)

Microstructural deformation in fatigued nanotwinned copper alloys
NM Heckman, MF Berwind, C Eberl, AM Hodge
Acta Materialia 144, 138-144

Experimental investigation of damage detection and crack initiation up to the very high cycle fatigue regime
M Buck, T Straub, C Eberl
Fatigue of Materials at Very High Numbers of Loading Cycles, 365-393


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