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Research overview

Information about our lab's research projects

Fast Super-resolution microscopy


Project 1: Structured illumination microscopy
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Project 2: Rotating coherent scattering (ROCS) microscopy
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Nano-mechanics of helical bacteria in optical line traps 

Spiroplasms – propagation dynamics of the simplest form of life, trapped and scanned in a light tube.

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Particle binding and uptake into cells

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 Project 1: The nano-mechanics of phagocytosis
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Project 2: Cargo-transport by coupled molecular motors
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Project 3: Membrane biophysics with giant unilamelar vesicles (GUV)
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Light-sheet microscopy (LSM) with self-reconstructing beams


Project 1:         LSM using holographically shaped beams 
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Project 2:         LSM using Bessel beams with two photon
                           excitation or STED
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Momentum transport through bio-polymer networks

We investigate viscoelastic properties of single and multiple microtubules coupled by thermally fluctuating trapped beads as nucleation sites.

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Dynamics of MREB filaments inside Bacillus Subtilis

With fast SR techniques we investigate cytoskeletal MreB filaments. These move through poorly understood mechanisms underneath the membrane of rod -shaped bacteria and help to organize the cell wall.

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Surface Imaging with optically trapped probes

Surface scanning with optically trapped probes in the presence of phase disturbing structures.

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Plasmonic coupling of optically trapped particles

We use video rate spectroscopy and MHz interferometric particle tracking to to understand the formation of metal nanoparticles (NP) to more complex structures inside an optical trap.

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Wave optics. We developed theories and program code to describe light propagation in inhomogeneous media, scattering, optical forces and advanced 3D imaging.  
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Brownian Dynamics. We develop theories and program code to describe particular diffusion and binding in complex environments.      
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Dynamic Particle interactions

Interferometric tracking of dynamic particle interactions with scanning line optical tweezers.

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