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For GDPR reasons, former staff can unfortunately no longer be displayed in the future.

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Oliver Paul

Paul, Prof. Dr. Oliver

Phone number: 7191
Office: 103-00-084


Manuela Kniß

Kniß, Manuela

Phone number: 7190
Office: 103-00-088

Group leaders

Patrick Ruther

Ruther, Dr. Patrick

Phone number: 7197
Office: 103-00-094

Scientific staff

Claudio Ray Ullrich

Ray Ullrich, M.Sc. Claudio

Phone number: 7201
Office: 103-00-096

Visiting researchers

Ivânia Trêpo

Trêpo, M.Sc. Ivânia

Phone number: 7200
Office: 103-00-095

Technical staff

Josef Joos

Joos, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef

Phone number: 7198
Office: 103-00-094

PhD students

Moritz Berger

Berger, M.Sc. Moritz

Phone number: 7195
Office: 103-00-092

Andreas Bucherer

Bucherer, M.Sc. Andreas

Phone number: 7199
Office: 103-00-095

Eric Klein

Klein, M.Sc. Eric

Phone number: 7201
Office: 103-00-095

Kirti Sharma

Sharma, M.Sc. Kirti

Phone number: 7196
Office: 103-00-092

Master students

Agarwal, Pryank

Fabian Heinen

Heinen, Fabian

Phone number: 7193
Office: 103-00-88a

Bachelor students

Fleck, Anja

Office: 103-00-095

Student assistants

Maria Alejandra Cerquera Bernal

Cerquera Bernal, Maria Alejandra

Phone number: 7208
Office: 103-00-069

Abhishek Ladhad

Ladhad, Abhishek

Phone number: 7207
Office: 103-00-062

Florian Neff

Neff, Florian

Phone number: 7208
Office: 103-00-069

Odenthal, Marie

Phone number: 7208
Office: 103-00-069

Past members of staff

Hafner, M.Sc. Julian

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