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  • Circuit Assembly and Method for Digitally Correcting Modulation Effects in Electromechanical Delta Sigma Modulators
    Maurer M, Manoli Y
    DE10 2015 219458 A1, 04/13/2017EP 3153817 A1, 04/12/2017US 2017 0102248 A1, 04/13/2017
  • Drive and Compensation Circuit For Capacitive MEMS Structures
    Rombach S, Marx M, Manoli Y
    DE10 2012 222225 B3, 01/02/2014EP 2929293 A1, 10/14/2015US 2015 0268262 A1, 08/01/2013
  • Method and Circuit for Time-continuous Detection of the Position of the Sensor Mass with Simultaneous Feedback for Capacitive Sensors
    Nessler S, Maurer M, Manoli Y
    DE10 2013 218973 B4, 11/19/2015
  • Device for Measuring a Yaw Rate
    Rombach S, Northemann T, Maurer M, Dienger M, Manoli Y
    DE10 2010 053022 B4, 01/09/2014EP 2646774 A1, 10/09/2013US 20140060185 A1, 03/06/2014
  • An Apparatus for Impedance Matching
    Maurath D, Manoli Y
    DE10 2010 051088 A1, 05/16/2012EP 2638625 B1, 04/01/2015US 8766614 B2, 07/01/2014
  • Method and Apparatus for Generating Electrical Energy from a Mechanical Vibration Excitation
    Schock W, Peter C, Maurath D, Manoli Y, Spreemann D
    DE10 2008 038293 A1, 08/18/2008EP 2316161 B1, 07/09/2014
  • Energy Self-sufficient Microsystem and Method for Operating Same
    Frey A, Hehn T, Manoli Y, Maurath D, Mintenbeck D, Meinrad S, Taschwer A
    DE10 2010 023338 A1, 12/15/2011
  • Method for the Decoupled Regulation of the Quadrature and Resonance Frequency of a Micromechanical Rotation Rate Sensor Using Sigma-Delta Modulation
    Egretzberger M, Kugi A, Mair F, Manoli Y, Maurer M, Northemann T
    DE10 2011 005745 A1, 09/22/2011EP 2547985 A1, 01/23/2013US 2013 0197858 A1, 08/01/2013CN102893127 B, 02/17/2016
  • Electrical Voltage Supply
    Mueller C, Erdler G, Kuhl M, Manoli Y
    EP 2180392 A1, 04/28/2010US 8129861 B2, 03/06/2012
  • Mechanical Resonator
    Manoli Y, Spreemann D, Schock W, Maurath D, Peters C,
    DE10 2008 038291 B4, 08/18/2008EP 2316158 A1, 05/04/2011
  • Measuring Device Comprising a Micro-electromechanical Capacitive Sensor
    He L, Manoli Y, Buhmann A, Taschwer A, Northemann T
    DE10 2008 031609 B4, 06/02/2010EP 2316001 B1, 03/02/2016US8618816 B2, 12/31/2013
  • Method and Device for Determining the Relative Position, Speed and/or Acceleration of a Body
    Peters C, Buhmann A, Manoli Y
    DE10 2005 025478 B4, 04/19/2007US 8037759 B2, 10/18/2011EP 1889006 B1, 09/25/2013
  • Circuit Arrangement and Method for Reading-out of a Sensor with a Sigma-Delta Converter
    Buhmann A, Manoli Y
    DE10 2005 046699 B4, 09/06/2007EP 1929635 B1, 12/24/2014
  • A Method for Characterizing and for Automatically Correcting Nonlinear Errors in the Analog-to-Digital Converters (lapsed 2014)
    Manoli Y, Ortmanns M
    DE10 2004 007207 B4, 03/27/2008
  • Controlled Current Source; in particular for Digital/Analogue Converters in Continuous-Time Sigma/Delta Modulators
    Ortmanns M, Manoli Y, Gerfers F
    US 7151474 B2, 12/19/2006EP 1550222 B1, 08/15/2007DE 10247133 B4, 12/31/2009
  • Integrable Conductivity Measuring Device
    Kordas N, Manoli Y
    DE 4216176 C2, 03/03/1994EP 0640219 B1, 11/15/1995US 5519323 A, 05/21/1996
  • Integratable Capacitive Pressure Sensor
    Zimmer G, Eichholz J, Mokwa W, Kandler M, Manoli Y
    US 5431057 A, 07/11/1995
  • Integratable Capacitive Pressure Sensor and Process for its Manufacture
    Zimmer G, Eichholz J, Mokwa W, Kandler M, Manoli Y
    EP 0515416 B1, 04/13/1994DE 59101391 D1, 05/19/1994US 5321989 A, 06/21/1994
  • Drucksensoranordnung mit einem Drucksensor, einem Referenzelement und einer Messschaltung
    Zimmer G, Eichholz J, Mokwa W, Kandler M, Manoli Y
    DE 4042335 D2, 01/14/1993
  • Self-calibrating D/A and A/D Converter
    Manoli J, Zimmer G
    DE 3736785 C1, 11/24/1988
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