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Nanostrukturen basierend auf Si-Nanokristallen, Bildungsmechanismen, chemischer Umgebung und grundlegende physikalisch-elektronische Eigenschaften


Project description

The fundamental understanding of the structural, optical and electrical properties of size-controlled Si nanocrystals is the scope of this project in order to explain the recently evolved questions. In terms of the optical properties this relates to the interaction of neighbouring NCs as well as a deeper understanding of excitonic migration. Therefore, the in-plane TEM investigations have to be continued to obtain a direct comparison of structural and optical data. Special attention is paid to the clarification of the mechanisms of multiple exciton generation (MEG, or SSQC for space separated quantum cutting). Based on our longtime experience with Si nanocrystals and our excellent experimental basis we want to achieve in the framework of this continuation proposal groundbreaking results in the understanding of fundamental optical and electronic properties.

Start/End of project

18.12.2015 until 30.06.2020

Project manager

Zacharias M

Contact person

Zacharias M
Phone:0761 230 7420




Nano, Nanotechnology, Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanostructures, Nanocrystals, Silicon, Quantum COnfinement, Photoluminescence
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