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Laboratory of Micro and Materials Mechanics


Chair Prof Dr Chris Eberl

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K Yin, B Cao, J Todt, F Gutmann, H F Tunçay, A Roth, F Fischer, N Grübel, A Pfaff, G C Ganzenmüller, J Keckes, S Hiermaier, C Eberl
Manufacturing size effect on the structural and mechanical properties of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V microbeams
Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 2023

F Wenz, D Schönfeld, SCL Fischer, T Pretsch, C Eberl
Controlling malleability of metamaterials through programmable memory
Advanced Engineering Materials, 2022

F Wenz, I Schmidt, A Leichner, T Lichti, S Baumann, H Andrae, C Eberl
Designing Shape Morphing Behavior through Local Programming of Mechanical Metamaterials
Advanced Materials, 2008617, 2021

AR Durmaz, N Hadzic, T Straub, C Eberl, P Gumbsch
Efficient Experimental and Data-Centered Workflow for Microstructure-Based Fatigue Data
Experimental Mechanics, 1-14, 2021

M Specht, M Berwind, C Eberl
Adaptive Wettability of a Programmable Metasurface
Advanced Engineering Materials 23 (2), 2001037, 2021 

D Schönfeld, D Chalissery, F Wenz, M Specht, C Eberl, T Pretsch
Actuating Shape Memory Polymer for Thermoresponsive Soft Robotic Gripper and Programmable Materials
Molecules 26 (3), 522, 2021 

SCL Fischer, L Hillen, C Eberl
Mechanical Metamaterials on the Way from Laboratory Scale to Industrial Applications: Challenges for Characterization and Scalability
Materials 13 (16), 3605, 2020

A Thomas, AR Durmaz, T Straub, C Eberl
Automated Quantitative Analyses of Fatigue-Induced Surface Damage by Deep Learning
Materials 13 (15), 3298, 2020

MF Berwind, A Kamas, C Eberl
A hierarchical programmable mechanical metamaterial unit cell showing metastable shape memory
Advanced Engineering Materials 20 (11), 1800771, 2018




Micro & Materials Mechanics




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