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Microelectronic-Photonic Interface Circuits

Illumination for Healthcare

Our cutting-edge research in microelectronic-photonic interfaces is driving the future of healthcare by offering precise, efficient, and safe illumination for a range of biomedical applications.

Our research interests span a broad range of technologies, including single photon sensing, smart µLED arrays, and polymer waveguides, all designed to advance healthcare outcomes and one day possibly improve patient lives.

Our research in microelectronic-photonic interfaces focuses on the following technologies:

CMOS single photon detectors for ultrafast detection of single photons with nanosecond dead time and up to 130 dB dynamic range .

Mikroelektronisch-Photonisch 1

testchip of our first single photon avalanche diode (source: own picture)

Custom-specific CMOS-based micro LEDs based on our CMOS single photon detectors in combination with miniaturized, power-efficient optical drivers for precise timing and intensity control of regulated optical arrays.

Scalable biocompatible PDMS-based polymer fiber optics (10 µm to 250 µm)

Mikroelektronisch-Photonisch 3

optical fiber (source: own picture)


 Our work in microelectronic-photonic interfaces offers a glimpse into the future of healthcare. Whether you're a researcher or a student interested in studying microsystems technology, our technologies and methods have the potential to improve patient outcomes in ways never before possible.

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